Ming-Ho Yee



Ph.D. Candidate Boston MA

Northeastern University Sep 2016 – Apr 2024

Researcher Intern Cambridge UK

Microsoft Research Sep – Dec 2019

MMath Candidate Waterloo ON

University of Waterloo Sep 2014 – Aug 2016

Software Development Engineering Intern Redmond WA

Microsoft May – Jul 2014

Software Development Engineering Intern Redmond WA

Microsoft Sep – Dec 2013

Software Development Engineering Intern Redmond WA

Microsoft Jan – Apr 2013

Undergraduate Research Assistant Waterloo ON

University of Waterloo May – Dec 2012

Developer Toronto ON

Engagio (formerly Eqentia) Sep – Dec 2011

Developer Toronto ON

Eqentia Jan – Apr 2011

Software Development Research Intern Markham ON

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories May – Aug 2010

Junior Developer London ON

Robarts Research Institute Jul – Aug 2008


MH Yee and A Guha (2023). Do Machine Learning Models Produce TypeScript Types That Type Check?, ECOOP.

L von Werra, H de Vries, et al. (2023). StarCoder: may the source be with you!, TMLR.

F Cassano, MH Yee, N Shinn, A Guha, S Holtzen (2023). Type Prediction With Program Decomposition and Fill-in-the-Type Training, preprint.

F Cassano et al. (2023). MultiPL-E: A Scalable and Polyglot Approach to Benchmarking Neural Code Generation, TSE.

O Flückiger, G Chari, MH Yee, J Ječmen, J Hain, J Vitek (2020). Contextual Dispatch for Function Specialization, OOPSLA.

O Flückiger, G Chari, J Ječmen, MH Yee, J Hain, J Vitek (2019). R Melts Brains: An IR for First-Class Environments and Lazy Effectful Arguments, DLS.

MH Yee, A Badouraly, O Lhoták, F Tip, J Vitek (2019). Precise Dataflow Analysis of Event-Driven Applications, technical report.

O Flückiger, G Scherer, MH Yee, A Goel, A Ahmed, J Vitek (2018). Correctness of Speculative Optimizations with Dynamic Deoptimization, POPL.

M Madsen, MH Yee, O Lhoták (2016). From Datalog to Flix: A Declarative Language for Fixed Points on Lattices, PLDI.

M Safa, MH Yee, D Rayside, C T Haas (2016). Optimizing Contractor Selection for Construction Packages in Capital Projects, ASCE J. Comput. Civ. Eng.

E Zulkoski, C Kleynhans, MH Yee, D Rayside, K Czarnecki (2014). Optimizing Alloy for Multi-objective Software Product Line Configuration, ABZ.

R Bartha, MH Yee, R Rupsingh, M Smith, M Borrie (2009). Altered macromolecule signal in the hippocampus in alzheimer patients measured by 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Alzheimer's & Dementia.

Technical Skills


Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science Boston MA

Northeastern University Apr 2024

Master of Mathematics in Computer Science Waterloo ON

University of Waterloo Jun 2017

Bachelor of Software Engineering Waterloo ON

University of Waterloo Jun 2014